Ultimate P-Spot Milker

Ok, so I don’t usually write reviews for things, but feel a sense of duty to help awareness for prostate health and overall sexual well being for men. My story really begins with my doctor discussing his concern because my prostate was enlarged. He told me it is cause for concern but not to be alarmed. I guess many patients (men) have this issue and he said there are suggestions to aid me in maintaining good prostate health. The first thing mentioned was prostate massage and purchasing a toy that massages and stimulate the prostate (WHAT?). I guess “milking the prostate” with regular massage or stimulation, lowers the risk of prostate cancer substantially. So as much as the idea of something in my rear freaked me out, the thought of prostate cancer horrified me more. So I reluctantly went to the nearest adult shop to get a toy. Luckily the worker made me feel super comfortable and was so casual and knowledgeable, it made the process of purchase much easier. Now onto the toy. I didn’t go cheap because if I had to do this, might as well invest in good prostate health. I bought the Anal Fantasy Elite Ultimate P-Spot Milker… Not to get too detailed but one point for any user, get a good lube and try relaxing. All I can say is WHOA. I wasn’t expecting this… thing… to be a marvel. Not only did it give me sensations I had never felt, but the end result was so intense and mind blowing, words can’t describe it, beyond exhilarating, entire body, brings you to your knees, is the words I can best describe. The toy itself is rechargeable. It has a “come hither motion” which is what is desired per my research. The internal come hither causes the base which puts pressure and movement on the perenium to work it’s magic. It also has different vibration options to further the functionality and pleasure of the item. I am definitely over my anti-anal beliefs, especially because my last check up was normal. Guys, if you are in the same predicament, get over it and invest in health and better orgasms. It has impoved sexual performance and erections. Way more beneficial versus idealisms made by society. The Anal Fantasy Elite Ultimate P-Spot Milker, is a life changer.

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