Versa Penis Pump

Once in a while in life, everybody needs a little bit of help. As your body ages and goes through changes, sometimes that help needs to extend to your sexual life. This is not a popular topic, nor one that men feel they can speak freely about. When they do need help, usually they will turn to the internet first and read articles such as this one. One option a man has if he needs a little bit of help, is to use penis pumps.

You’ve probably seen penis pumps before at your local sex store and moved swiftly passed them hoping that you will never have to use one. For those of you who haven’t, allow me to provide some clarity.

What are penis pumps?

Penis pumps are simple devices; each one has a cylinder with a motorized or manual pump attached to create suction.

What do penis pumps do?

The idea behind the penis pump is to draw more blood into the penis, helping it to become more erect, for longer periods of time.

There are many penis pumps on the market. Some of them are relatively inexpensive, others more so, and their effectiveness varies. One of the better penis pumps you will find is the Traveler’s Versa Pump Kit.

When purchasing a penis pump, it’s important to consider when and where you will be using it. If you’re not at home then you will want to make sure you can take it with you; to your partner’s house, on vacation, and so on. That’s why the fact that is a traveler’s kit is very convenient. This penis pumps is also one of the simpler to use pumps on the market. It doesn’t have anything you actually need to ‘pump.’ With the Traveler’s Versa Pump Kit, all you really need to do is push a button, thus making the whole process much simpler.

A word of caution.

Before you any kind of device on your privates, be sure you read the manual very carefully. This cannot be stressed enough. With penis pumps, if you don’t know what you are doing and end up creating too much suction, you can actually cause some damage such as burst blood vessels or blisters. Engage in pumping carefully and methodically, and no one will get hurt.

To improve efficiency, penis pumps can also be combined with cock rings. You can read about how to add on the cock ring in just the right manner so it restricts blood flow out of the penis, but not into it, thus increasing the duration of your erection. The Traveler’s Versa Penis Pump Kit is an essential for anyone who needs a boost in the bedroom.

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