Vibratex Vibrators

For more then twenty years people at Vibratex worked hard to bring you the most pleasurable and delightful toys possible to spark your sensual life. These designs have been influenced by women who take their sexual satisfaction very seriously, so they make sure that every bump and groove has a purpose. And, of course, they use nothing but the highest quality parts and materials to make sure you get the utmost comfort and satisfaction. Vibratex invented the rabbit vibrator. Vibratex sex toys are well-made, high-quality vibrators for a woman and her clitoris. At that time, the only vibrators available for women were the plastic missile-style vibes and the realistic-looking latex vibes. Both vibrated but really did not offer any other pleasurable sensations. Considering that over 80% of the female population can only achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation, the adult novelty industry was sorely lacking! The idea of products truly designed for a woman’s body seemed to be a foreign concept, a concept whose time we felt had come. Vibratex brought in the first dual-action vibrators from Japan for distribution in the United States. It must have been a historic moment – mentally and physically – when those dual actions hit the shores of the United States!

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