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Bachelorette Dares Coupons

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The perfect addition to your bachelorette section! This booklet contains 10 dares and 10 reward coupons. In order for the bachelorette to get rewarded she must complete each dare successfully. For every one dare that is completed, there is a rewarding coupon that follows. The bachelorette is entitled to give her coupon to whomever she likes at the party. Each dare must be approved and signed by a witness. The dare must be done in a public place.
In black, white and shades of pink, this super cute, attractive and entertaining book of coupons is full of 10 dares with 10 reward coupons and is sure to spice up any bachelorette party!
They make a great add on to any bachelorette purchase and at this price point, they can afford two or three! Buy 12 booklets and receive a free POP display.
Merchandises perfectly with Item # 29171-The Bachelorette Trivia Card Game.
Dare 1: Try and catch the eye of three guys. Lick your lips seductively and wink at them. Raise your glass and toast the man who gave you the best response.
Reward 1: This coupon is good for one body shot
Dare 2: Sit next to a stranger and take your bra off under your clothes, swing it around and then put it on again.
Reward 2: This coupon is good for one buttery nipple
Dare 3: Ask a guy at the bar with a fresh beer if you can lick the head off the top.
Reward 3: This coupon is good for one beer
Dare 4: Straddle a chair and ride it like a bucking bronco while cracking a whip and yelling ?Yee ha?!
Reward 4: This coupon is good for one red headed slut
Dare 5: Go up to a guy and ask him to give you a spanking because you have been a very bad girl.
Reward 5: This coupon is good for one mixed drink
Dare 6: Give a bottle of beer a blowjob and finish it off with a big gulp.
Reward 6: This coupon is good for a shot of your choice
Dare 7: Ask a guy for a condom and then blow it up like a balloon.
Reward 7: This coupon is good for a screwdriver
Dare 8: Hide this coupon somewhere on your body and then ask the next guy that walks by to find it.
Reward 8: This coupon is good for a mind eraser
Dare 9: Find a hot single guy and ask him to look after your rowdy girlfriends.
Reward 9: This coupon is good for one beer
Dare 10: Go behind a guy?s chair and rub yourself up and down it, moaning in enjoyment.
Reward 10: This coupon is good for one blowjob shot

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Dichloropropane and Butadiene, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and or birth defects or other reproductive harm.
For more information, visit www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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