Anal Handmaiden

One of the most neglected but obvious erogenous zones in the male body is the prostate. Due to some cultural taboo and misconceptions, the p-spot is a regularly ignored aspect of sexual activity for many straight males; there is no magic ass concept in the gay community, it works for straight men too. That being said, anal sex toys are a good way for those interested in their bodies to explore them. The Adam and Eve Anal Silicone Handmaiden is a classic form of anal sex toys as it is a simple dong designed for this kind of specific penetration.

If you want to explore your p-spot, or your partner’s p-spot for that matter, then using the Adam and Eve Anal Silicone Handmaiden is a good way to do so. This is a simple blue anal dong that is made of silicone and is free of any harmful phthalates. At an average size of 5 inches that penetrate, and 1.25 in diameter, this is a good anal sex toy because its size isn’t particularly overwhelming. In addition, the Adam and Eve Anal Silicone Handmaiden is raised and ribbed slightly to provide for additional stimulation as you explore this new area of your body.

You can buy a ton of different anal sex toys but find that many of them aren’t made from quality materials; it’s important that you buy quality made anal sex toys because this is something you are putting inside your body. The Adam and Eve Anal Silicone Handmaiden is a nonporous item that is made to last as long as you need it to. With other toys, you will find that they might be difficult to maneuver. However, the Adam and Eve Anal Silicone Handmaiden as a uniquely designed ergonomic handle that will make it easy to navigate. You can also safely combine these anal sex toys with lubricants or bring them to the bathtub or Jacuzzi with you as they are waterproof. Don’t miss out on what can be an exciting sexual experience for you; explore your p-spot with the Adam and Eve Anal Silicone Handmaiden.

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