Better Sex for Her

Women are notoriously difficult creatures to please. No matter how good a man is in bed with one woman, he has to learn an entirely new and different set of skills with the next one. Why? Because women are all very different anatomically and what pleases one is not guaranteed to please the other. While you’re in the process of figuring out the ins and outs of what your partner likes, there are some things you can rely on that will never change.

The first is that the more familiar you are with sex, the more options and moves you will have to choose from. If you’ve never done so before, it can’t hurt to open up a book and educate yourself with some literature on the art of sexual positioning. Sex is just like any other skill in that it often requires a degree of research, combined with instruction, for you to be successful. You can try incorporating a specially designed love pillow to help you achieve better sexual positioning for your woman.

Second, you will probably fail, a few times, to help her achieve the height of pleasure. Don’t be afraid of failure; you have to look at it as being one step closer to success. If you’re having trouble, it might be a good idea to incorporate a discreet sex toy, like a small vibrator, that will focus on her external sensations while you figure out the internal. Nothing big or flashy, that might freak her out. But something small and quiet is what you need; look at vibrators that won’t get in the way. Luxury sex toys are also something you should look into, as their vibrators are of the highest quality and are probably the quietest. This way, while you are learning about each other’s bodies, the learning process in and of itself is not without pleasure.

Third and this is a concept that causes many men to bristle their proverbial feathers, is to ask for directions. I know; men hate to ask for directions. In this case though, asking is definitely to your benefit. Listen to what she says she wants and make it a point to take direction well. Try to focus on her, and not you. This includes even looking at condoms that might be better for a woman, or using lubricants. Details are important, appreciated, and won’t go unnoticed.

In conversation, women are always complaining about men not listening or forgetting things. Psychology has shown that this is because a man’s brain is less prone to multi-tasking than a woman’s. It’s a two way street; women need to understand this and be patient, where as men need to make an effort to focus, otherwise they might miss something important. In sex, the man has got to pay more attention to the woman’s needs because if the sex isn’t good for both of them then it won’t be good for anyone.

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