Butt Plug for Rookies

One of the larger niches within the sex toy industry is that of anal sex toys. Anal sex toys appeal to more people than you might guess; and it’s not just gay men who appreciate the pleasures derived from anal sex. Plenty of women, and yes even heterosexual males, enjoy anal sex toys and anal penetration. There are many different nerve endings in that area, making it a legitimate erogenous zone. As such, there are variety of sex toys geared to stimulate this erogenous area and make it a pleasurable experience. Whether you are looking to branch out and explore the stretches of your sexuality, or you’ve had experience with anal sex toys, the Rookie Vibrating Anal Plug is a great choice for anyone.

Made by California Exotics, the Rookie Vibrating Anal Plug is one of many anal sex toys that come from a trusted brand within the industry of sex toys. They don’t just make anal sex toys, but also offer plenty of other knick knacks. The Rookie Vibrating Anal Plug is one of many types of products that falls in the category of anal sex toys; it’s exactly what the name says – a plug. It’s designed to be soft but also easily maneuverable and is inserted into the anal area for however long you desire. There are plenty of plugs that do not vibrate, but with the Rookie Vibrating Anal Plug you get the option of making it vibrate or not.

In order to play around with the different vibrating functions to find one you like, the Rookie Vibrating Anal Plug comes with a three speed control, a plug-in jack, non slip grip, and LED light so you can see what you’re doing. Anal sex toys like the Rookie Vibrating Anal Plug are definitely those that have more features than others do. They can be used by men or women and are a great way to explore this part of your body. As always, you should be careful when using any type of anal sex toys, or sex toys in general and never attempt to force the toy. Listening to your body and reading the instructions are both good tips on how to make sure to use the sex toy properly.

When using any anal sex toys, it’s also a good idea to pair it with some lubricant. The Rookie Vibrating Anal Plug can be paired with whatever lubricant you are using, as it is generally recommended. Lubricants make every sexual experience much better; they make the sensations more intense, pleasurable, and whenever you are inserting something into your body such as anal sex toys, or dildos, they make them easier to use.

Anal sex toys come in plenty shapes, sizes, and colors. Their functions vary, and depending on what you are looking for some may be more right for you than others. The Rookie Vibrating Anal Plug is a great toy that is good for the rookie and the experience sex toy user.

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