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Welcome to Ebay page. As part of reaching out to community
and finding new customers we are offering certain toys on Ebay. Visit
to see what we have for sale today. Often we list items starting at just 99 cents
and most of our auctions have free shipping. As with payments for Ebay items we
gladly accept Paypal.

Finding toys on eBay is easy if you know how, and halfway to
impossible if you don’t! I’m writing this guide to help people understand why buying
sex toys on eBay looks a little tough, but is actually really easy to do! Here is
some history as to the uphill and unfair battle adult toy sellers on ebay face!

  •  If you are just looking to go straight to adult toy listings
    on eBay, Click here and select
    “adults only” from the top left corner. (You must have a credit card on
    file with eBay “to verify age” in order to view them, unfortunately –
    Even if you are the seller of these items!)

  • Update 05/2009
    – eBay has now made it possible for adult toy sellers to accept paypal! It was
    a personal mission to see to it that adult sellers got the same eBay options
    as other sellers, and it’s finally come to light after many years of strange,
    restrictive, and unclear policies.

I imagine you are having trouble finding sex toys on eBay. You type in “vibrator”,
and you might get a page of listings for body massagers – promising, but not quite
what you had in mind. You type in “masturbator” and probably next to nothing comes
up, right? Would you believe me if I told you there were over
one hundred thousand adult listings at any
given time on eBay?

The reason you don’t see the sex toys you’re looking for – even as a censored “click
here to log in” type of listing – is because eBay pulled them from the general search.
Oh, adult sellers still have to pay the same fees as someone selling socks or collectibles,
mind you…they just get zero exposure to people that don’t feel like forking over
their credit card to eBay.

An interested buyer has to:

  1. log into eBay

  2. have a credit card on file

  3. click categories

  4. click everything else

  5. click adults only

  6. click ‘yes I am over 18’

  7. click ‘ok’

and THEN they get to see the listings. Oh, and hopefully they
don’t surf to non-adult categories while browsing or they’ll be repeating steps
3 through 7 to get back, even if they have cookies enabled in their browser.

Good luck, and have fun on eBay…hopefully one day they’ll make toys for consenting
adults a little easier to find.

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