Fetish Fantasy Sex Machine

Feel like teasing your partner tonight? Want to tap into his voyeuristic fantasies? Let him watch you take this sexy thrusting action and make him wait his turn this time. Try several positions with the Octagon shape and the strong handles for leverage. You’ll get hot and wet and he’ll be so ready to join in the fun! Amazing to use all by yourself too ladies! No need for a man around if you need to get laid tonight! Just pull out your inflatable sex machine, choose a vibrator (it comes with 2 choices), pop on the remote and you’re in for a great time! This toy is also a great one for a couple who spends a lot of time apart. Get the Inflatable Sex Machine in the position you love and Skype on the computer with your partner… virtual sex “pumped up” for you both no matter how far apart you are! The options are endless! It’s got a weighted base and holds up to 300lbs so you can use it together with your partner too. The remote control allows for hands free fun and the 1oz bottle of Moist Lube will get you all wet and ready to go! Easy clean up when you’re done with the 1oz toy cleaner also included. Expand your horizons and get yourself this amazingly fun and unique toy!

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