Four Seasons Condoms

If you’re having sex, male or female it doesn’t matter, then you are
absolutely going to be picking up condoms at some point in your life. Even if you are a woman on birth control, 31,000 vibrations per minute! Now that is an attention getter. Hello Focus Sonic Vibrator! JimmyJane has created a powerful, luxury toy that includes 3 different head attachments. One is pointed for pin point precision, one has little nubs that thrill your most sensitive spots, and the third has a scoop design to cup your clitoral area, all designed to leave you in control of ultimate pleasure, just the way you want it. Made of medical grade silicone, rechargeable and designed for easy use. The pod-like body of the Focus is easy to hold (even lubed), and definitely a great choice for women with arthritis. Its single button control makes it perfect beginners and advanced users. I must warn, this toy is so amazing once you reach that explosive climax… the aftermath is almost… cat on a ceiling (if you can imagine!) Definitely a toy lovers must, and for those curious, it won’t disappoint!

BedroomJoys offers a full line of JimmyJane sex toys, please click the link to explorecondoms will protect you from sexually transmitted diseases in addition to being a backup pregnancy method. However, what most people don’t look to condoms is for fun; they can actually provide you a new venue for making your love life more interesting. The Four Seasons Colors and Flavors Condoms is a great example of condoms that will both protect and provoke inspiration.

The Four Seasons Colors and Flavors Condoms are both scented and colored condoms. They bring an element of taste and color to the table which will add more stimulation to the senses of you and your partner. You don’t necessarily need to start bringing all sorts of toys to the bedroom in an effort to spice up your sex life. Sometimes it’s as simple as getting a different type of condom than they are used to. In addition, the Four Seasons Colors and Flavors Condoms are an effective method against the transmission of HIV; gay men need to be particularly careful and use condoms as they have been proven to be at higher risk for getting the disease.

Like other condoms, the Four Seasons Colors and Flavors Condoms are your standard latex condoms that have been through electronic tests and made to fit international standards of safety. They are lubricated but you can also combine them with additional lubricants. The Four Seasons Colors and Flavors Condoms come in a cute tin box and they contain a total of six condoms.

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