Fuck Me Silly 2 Torso – RD175

Your fantasy of slamming yourself into a petite body with a tight soft pussy while holding onto two huge tits just became your reality. Carefully boxed and delivered discreetly to your door. Unpack this girl and make it a night. You will find two of the largest and most gorgeous breasts and pussy wrapped up and waiting for your pleasure.
Not like anything else on the market, Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly 2 Tits and Pussyis the ultimate in self pleasure when it comes to your special alone time. Climb on top of her, grab hold of her twelve pounds of tits and go deep in her pussy molded from a real woman. Made with Fanta-flesh she looks and feels just like the real thing. Some have said she’s even better than real, she doesn’t talk back and she’s always tight and available. Hard core intense fucking never seemed so good. Your cock will be sucked in by a tight realistic pink pussy while you are slapping your balls in deepand plunging her hard.
To make it a more realistic experience your Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly 2 Tits & Pussyhas been molded to perfectionwith delicately hand detailed pussy lips and erotic pink painted on nipples. Both sex holes may appear small at first but will open up perfectly to your own personal size and shape. She’s designed to mimic the most realistic feeling possible.
You can finish and blow your wad wherever you choose. Explode your hot cum deep inside, choose her warm pussy or her big fat titties. Cleaning her up is so easy. Use the toy cleaner that is included with your purchase or simple warm water for a clean fresh toy. Both the anal and pussy channels connect to the same canal, so drainage and cleaning is easy. Once you are done and have patted her dry, put her away till you say it’s time to play again. Place her back in the box and slide her under the bed for easy storage.

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