There are many popular sex toys, however, some of the most loved toys on the market today all share one common downside – they take up the use of your hands. This makes it difficult to do things like share the toys with your partner, or use your hands to pleasure other areas of the body. Luckily, there is an alternative; love machines like the iRide Hands Free.

are unique and innovative products. The iRide Hands Free Vibrator gives you the freedom of the use of your hands; if you are an experienced adult toy connoisseur or have browsed sex toys for even five minutes then you will know how rare this quality is.

Love machines are not quite as popular as other sex toys, but the iRide Hands Free Vibrator needs to be. The iRide Hands Free Vibrator is essentially a vibrator that your body can use to ride without using your hands. It contains two strong motors that respond to your body’s rocking so you control the speed, sensation, and rhythm of the toy. Furthermore, the iRide Hands Free Vibrator has two separately controlled zones with 3 levels of vibration that target key area’s to your body’s pleasure. These love machines are comfortable to sit on so you rock away to your heart’s content.

The iRide Hands Free Vibrator, because of its hands free features, allows you a certain versatility that other vibrators won’t. Sure, you can use the iRide Hands Free Vibrator in the privacy of your bedroom alone but you can also use it during sexual activities with your partner; for example ride the toy while performing oral. This way, everybody wins. The iRide Hands Free Vibrator is built free of harmful phthalates and requires four AA batteries to function; batteries not included. The iRide Hands Free Vibrator is the sex industry’s way of responding to consumer request for a hands free item and trust me, there are few of these out there.

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