A Partiers Guide To 51 Drinking Games

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Author: Brian L. Pellham
This book contains the rules of play for many classic drinking games as well as
many new ones. With this handy guide you will never run out of games to play at
your next social gathering. Sit back and put away your breakables – the party is
about to begin.

Bachelorette parties are filled with lots of loud fun and laughter, in addition
to as many penis shaped items you can get your hands on. The more ridiculous the
set up the better, but no bachelorette party is complete without copious amounts
of drinking games. For this reason, A Partiers Guide to 51 Drinking Games is one
of the must have items for any bachelorette occasion. There are plenty of
reasons drinking games are used at parties.

Here are just some of the benefits and uses of A Partiers Guide to 51 Drinking

At bachelorette parties, or any party really, you are likely to find a certain
amount of people who do and don’t know each other. To get past the initial
awkwardness of being forced into social situations with complete strangers,
drinking games can work as a great ice breaker. A Partiers Guide to 51 Drinking
Games has plenty of games you can play to break the ice.

Everyone knows at least one drinking game, but there are so many that you don’t
know about. People get tired of playing the same old games over and over again.
A Partiers Guide to 51 Drinking Games has plenty of fresh, new ideas to spice up
your bachelorette party.

How many times have you been to a party and thought only about the various ways
in which you could escape. As a host or your average partygoer, you never want
this to happen to you. If you see that the party is not going well, a sure fire
way to kick things into gear is with A Partiers Guide to 51 Drinking Games.
Consider it something like your party lifesaver.

Not just for bachelorette parties, a book about drinking games can liven up any
birthday party, Halloween party, and so on.

Drinking games are an excellent way to involve everyone at a party. No cliques,
no wall flowers, everyone can participate as they are a great solidarity
building tactic.

Other great things your bachelorette party undoubtedly needs is good music, and
good party favors. People stock up on plenty of phallic shaped candy, penis
pinatas, and a variety of other goodies. These are all great supplemental items,
but the real heart of the party is in the activities you have planned. A
Partiers Guide to 51 Drinking Games will make sure that your bachelorette never
experiences a dull or mundane moment. Hopefully this will be an occasion she
will always remember, or you will play so many drinking games that it inevitably
becomes a party you have no choice but to forget.

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