Fetish Fantasy Series International Rockin’ Chair

Here is a fun one of a kind toy that delivers incredible orgasms, a must try, the Fetish Fantasy international Rockin’ Chair, is definitely an experience to behold! What originally captured my curiosity was the look of sheer thrill the girl on the packaging depicted. Her face was so animated I pointed it out with my partner while shopping at the adult store. I made some sort of comment of now that’s what fun looks like. I guess he liked her picture, because shortly after that, the package arrived at my door. The toy itself resembles a rocking saddle made of sturdy plastic and silicone. Didn’t look like much until I gave it a try. Very Powerful vibrations resonate through the sex saddle, which was quite comfortable. Its designed to thrill without penetration with a strategically positioned “bump” for clitoral stimulation. The remote control makes for ease of use while taking a wild ride. Ladies, not only does this Rockin’ Chair rock your world, it is a wonderful sexercise! As you fine tune your natural rhythm of riding the Chair, you will become an expert rider, especially in getting off, when it comes to riding your partner. Not to mention, the chair can easily be utilized during couples play. Use your imagination, and you will love the endless possibilities. Just the act of using the chair is great visual stimulation for your man!!!

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