Satisfyer Pro 2 and Satisfyer Pro Travel

Move over Vibrator and make way for the Satisfyer! It’s title alone couldn’t be more fitting! The whole product line offered by Satisfyer is innovative and effective in delivering orgasms, multiple orgasms, guaranteed to Satisfy! Traditional vibration can sometimes desensitize the clitoral area, resulting in the need to purchase more powerful toys or even graduate to a wand (also lots of fun so not to knock the wand…) in order to climax. This device uses pressure air technology, producing a thrilling touch free sensation that quickly and effectively sends you over the edge, and if you can handle more, over and over again. Little to say many of my vast collection is put in a box and moved aside for this delightful device that is not only amazing but affordable. A new favorite in my collection. Recently released is the Satisfyer Pro Traveler, a perfect on the go version, just as amazing, only it features a discreet case, making it the perfect travel companion!!! Yes, this toy is remarkably quiet as it is pressed against the clitoral area, and now a travel sized toy makes it possible to orgasm…. well… anywhere!!!

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