Sex Toys Guide – Dildos and Dongs

Dildos and Dongs are used for insertion, the pleasure a person feels with the pressure of inserting something into their vagina or anus. Dildos come in many shapes and sizes, colors and materials. Basic variations of shapes of these sex toys range from phallic shaped or penis shaped and non-phallic shaped or non-penis shaped. Some have twists or bumps or veins or waves and some are simply smooth, while others are graduated in size for anal play. Some dildos are ultra realistic with proper details down to the tiniest detail. They are available very small and slim to very large and thick and everything in between.

You will also find double ended dildos and dongs for double penetration with yourself or fun with a partner. You can get them to match the skin tone you prefer or in assorted fun non-flesh tones.

Material is the first thing to take into consideration when choosing a dildo. There are 5 basic materials Dildos and Dongs are made from: jelly or elastomer, softskin or silicone (cyberskin), acrylic or glass, and metal. Each of these materials has positive points as well as negative points. Education is the key to helping you find the proper dildo or dong for you. Your decision will be based on how long you expect to use the toy and how much money you can invest in this toy.

The Jelly material is generally the less expensive which makes it a great choice for someone who has not bought a dildo before and is not sure exactly what you will enjoy. The jelly material is very porous so you want to make sure you keep it clean before and after use. You may consider using a condom with a toy made of this material if you have sensitive skin, even if you are the only person using it. The material of this toy is not designed to last very long so you may find yourself looking for another sooner than you expected. Another thing to keep in mind is the flexibility of this material. If you are looking for a dildo that is more bendable or softer textured than this jelly material is for you. If you prefer a toy that is firmer you may choose another type of material. So, jelly material is a great choice if cost is a concern or if you aren’t looking for something that will last forever.

Elastomer has many of the same qualities of the jelly material except it varies in price and has a tendency to be a bit firmer. It is still a less expensive option but is also very porous so you will need to pay attention to cleanliness when choosing an elastomer toy.

Average Joe Dildos is a good example of sex toys made from Elastomer.
Softskin is a material that feels very realistic. Soft and supple yet firm. It is amazingly similar to the feel of human flesh. Each of the major toy manufacturer’s have a version of this and they all call it something different, for example, cyberskin, ur3, softskin or newskin. It is a very porous material so we suggest a condom with this type of toy. Keeping toys made of this material clean is a bit tricky. You will want to use an anti-bacterial toy cleaner and some warm water. You will find that they feel a bit tacky or sticky after they have been rinsed. Lightly powdering the toy with it’s renewal powder will restore the silky soft texture to it once it’s dry. There are a couple of brands of this material that do not need the powder to restore it to its original texture. The cleaning instructions generally come with a toy made of this material and it will mention the powder if it is needed or tell you it is not necessary otherwise. The bonus of purchasing a sex toy made of the softskin type of material is that it feels so close to real it’s about as close as you can get. There are many popular sex toys made from this material. If you care properly for your Cyberskin Dildo it will last a long time for you to enjoy. Silicone sex toys are very popular. The material is non-porous, and adapts to your body’s temperature quite quickly. It can be soft and flexible, firm or hard. Its flexibility allows it to be made at various price ranges.

Silicone dildo
 is very easy to keep clean and fun to use. Anybody with sensitive skin should absolutely choose a silicone toy for that reason alone. You can simply spray it with a toy cleaner or even warm water and soap, or you can boil it for a few minutes, and you can even put it in the dishwasher! It is very versatile. Silicone material is also virtually indestructible unless you puncture or tear it. Once it has been ripped the tear will run and the toy will be ruined. It is best to keep your fingernails, all sharp edges and your pets away from silicone toys, probably all toys for that matter.

The above materials all come in various shapes and sizes, phallic and non and are safe to use internally. We have pointed out some safe ways to keep your toys and yourself healthy and clean so you can enjoy them longer.

Glass sex toys provide a completely different experience. The material is hard and non-forgiving. It is about weight and texture for the user. If you enjoy a solid material or a weighted feel this may be the material for you. You can make a glass toy cold or hot as well if you like to play with temperature. They come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, some have bumps, ridges or cures as well. The glass dildos are often made by hand and have beautiful designs in them. Some people collect them because they are so beautiful and fun to use. Glass or acrylic toys are easy to keep clean just like silicone. You can boil them or put them into the dishwasher or simply rinse with soap and water or a toy cleaner. Due to the fact that they are non-porous there is not a hygiene issue.
Metal toys are very similar to glass in that they are a solid and non-forgiving material that is non-porous and weighted. Some people may simple prefer the look and feel of the metal toys. They are also great for temperature stimulation, however, a metal toy can hold both hot and cold temperature on opposite end which a glass toy cannot do. The look and feel of metal toys is appealing to some for collection as well. There are many shapes and sizes of metal toys, the weight and solid texture being the excitement of this material. As far as keeping a metal toy clean, you can wash it with warm water or put it in the dishwasher, use a toy cleaner or boil it. Just make sure you dry it very well.

So, now that you’ve learned about all of the different textures and materials available for dildos and dongs it’s time to consider what is the right shape and size for you? A good way to measure will be to think of a partner who fit into you particularly well or another toy you have played with that has done the trick for you in the past. Does the toy feel good in your hand? Does the color, curvature, thickness, length, texture appeal to you personally?

Many dildos have a base, which allows them to fit into a harness. Harnesses ad hands free fun for anyone. Men can use them for Double Penetration with a female partner, women can use them for back door fun with their male partner or fun with their female partner. The nice thing about using a harness is that many of them allow you to change the dildo as needed for any purpose you desire.

As you can see there is a very wide range of Dildos and Dongs available, each one designed to appeal to various individuals seeking the pleasure and sensation that only the penetration of a dildo can provide. Experiment with different styles, materials, shapes and sizes to find out what you like best.

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