Wet Synergy Lube

An important staple for any healthy sexually active individual is lubricant. Lubricants, like condoms, are often one of the must have items when it comes to sex. They can assist the sexual experience in a variety of situations and are one of the most popular commodities in the adult sex toy world. Not only that, but they are also one of the most commonly found sex toys; although lubricants aren’t really a typical ‘toy’ are they? They can not only be found in your local drugstore or sex toy store but also online at various retailers. One of the better products out there is the Wet Synergy Tingle Lubricant.

>With lubricants, you also benefit from a series of advantages such as:

• Lubricants make the act of sex easier as they make penetration much easier. The Wet Synergy Tingle Lubricant provides the user with a soothing gel that melts into a satiny layer of lubrication upon contact with your skin.
• Lubricants like the Wet Synergy Tingle Lubricant not only make sex easier, they also enhance the sensations you feel during intercourse. They make the experience more sensitive for the woman and the man. In this way, both partners benefit from the use of lubricants.
• The Wet Synergy Tingle Lubricant is latex friendly, so it can easily be used with your favorite brand of condoms. Condoms often restrict the sensations men feel, but they are necessary for the safety of your health; with lubricants, you can get some of that sensation back.
• The We Synergy Tingle Lubricant is water based, however, it lasts three times as long as other lubricants because it is fortified with a hydrating silicone.

Lubricants are not only great for relieving personal dryness, but they also work in a variety of other intimate situations.

A great way to enhance any massage is with use of lubricants like the Wet Synergy Tingle Lubricant. Massages are also an important part of foreplay and can be crucial in your sexual experience.

Lubricants can also be used in combination with any of your own sex toys; these include dildos, dongs, and vibrators. In addition, slipping a condom on any of these items also ensures that you are being hygienic and makes the clean up process a lot easier.

While lubricants aren’t exactly a sex toy per se, they are an important part of the sexual experience. For anyone who has needs a little bit of assistance creating lubrication, the Wet Synergy Tingle Lubricant is an excellent solution. Partners can enjoy lubricants together without feeling like there is a third foreign party in the bedroom. If you think the sex is good without the use of lubricants then the Wet Synergy Tingle Lubricant can make it that much better by intensifying the pleasure you already feel.

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