Wireless Vibrating Panties

Remember that scene from the movie The Ugly Truth where Katherine Heigl’s character wears vibrating panties to a business dinner and accidentally loses the remote; some kid picks it up and is turning it on and off while she desperately attempts to locate the source. That scene is one of the classic orgasmic scenes from cinema, right up there along with Meg Ryan’s faked orgasm at a dinner with Billy Crystal from When Harry Met Sally, and it was possible thanks to the creation of an ingenious sex toy. The vibrating thong or panties combine the concept of sexy lingerie with another type of sex toy, the vibrator. They can be for personal use, but the key here is the remote control. Ideally, you relinquish control of that remote control and give the power to your partner. In this way, it is better than other vibrators because you are able to involve your partner in the experience by giving them that remote. This vibrating form of sexy lingerie is an ideal introductory sex toy for a few reasons. First, many people do not buy sex toys for themselves; whether they feel embarrassed or guilty, that goes away if they are buying a gift for someone else. Women will often buy their friends outrageous sex toys for bachelorette parties or as gag gifts on birthdays; these could be dildos, vibrators, or sexy lingerie for the honeymoon. A lot of times, these are so extreme that the sex toy ends up in a box under the bed collecting dust. The Vibrating thong, however, is something they might actually use. Second, a lot of times, when a man in a relationship wants to introduce his partner to sex toys it takes some persuasion. This is a great toy you can use to persuade your partner to possibly indulge in other toys with you.

The vibrating thong or panties are a great extension of sexy lingerie; women wear lingerie, they buy it for themselves and men buy it for them. No hard feelings there, so the addition of the vibrator is just a small step to overcome. Third, have you seen what some sex toys actually look like? They’re all so completely different in regards to shapes and sizes; women are all different and sometimes you will not know if you enjoy a particular toy until you use it. By then, of course, it is too late because you have already purchased it. It is easier to purchase sexy lingerie because then all you really have to worry about is making sure you get the size right; and with regards to a vibrating thong there is not really much to worry about.

The vibrating thong is a great piece of sexy lingerie; it’s black, lacey, and very sexy. Combined with the vibrator, it also makes for a subtle sex toy that women will actually want to use and not have to worry about if it’s the right toy to please them with; it works for everyone.

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